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Welcome to the Grand Court of South Carolina

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal, social and charitable organization which endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through the teachings of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity.

Our membership is open to female relatives of Master Masons and Master Masons themselves. Also, members of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and the International Order of Job's Daughters, who have been active for at least 3 years, or who have attained majority, are eligible for membership (although such petition must be accompanied by the recommendation of a Master Mason).
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Supporting the American Diabetes Association

In 1979, the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation was formally adopted and diabetes became the primary philanthropic project through which the Order of the Amaranth works for the betterment of mankind. The Order of the Amaranth has mobilized the efforts of its membership to prevent and cure diabetes and to help improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Thanks to the dedicated support of our members worldwide we have raised over $7.5 million in the fight against diabetes.

Funds raised by the Order of the Amaranth support diabetes research through the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation. The American Diabetes Association reviews and selects the research scientists to be funded. Through this peer review system, contributors are assured that their gifts support the most important diabetes research and that the research results are shared throughout the scientific community. Read More.

History of Order of the Amaranth
Queen Christina was just six years old when she became ruler of Sweden some three hundred years ago. During her reign as Queen, she created the Order of the Amarantha for the ladies and knights of her royal court. Queen Christina herself played the character, Lady Amarantha, who was portrayed as being a beautiful, virtuous and talented Lady of the Court. The name of the Order was possibly chosen from the beautiful never-fading red Amaranthus flowers growing in profusion in Spain and Portugal. The Order was perpetuated and presently exists in the Royal Court of Sweden. Originally, the Royal and Social Order of the Amarantha had no connection with Masonry as it does today. Learn More.