Grand Court of South Carolina

Order of the Amaranth

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Past Grand Royal Patrons
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Elected Grand Officers:

Grand Royal Matron

HL Ola Mae Wilcox

Grand Royal Patron

SK John "Jack" Johnson

Grand Associate Matron

HL Jean McCall

Grand Associate Patron

SK Cecil Swank

Grand Treasurer

HL Pam Mosier

Grand Secretary

HL Michelle Johnson

Grand Conductress

HL Sue Cornell

Grand Associate Conductress

HL Thelma Gaines

Grand Trustee - 1 Year

SK Jon Harris

Grand Trustee - 2 Years

SK Sean Johnson

Grand Trustee - 3 Years

HL Deborah Stehle

Grand Commissioner of Appeal - 1 Year

SK Dewey Warren

Grand Commissioner of Appeal - 2 Years

HL Linda Boyd Hodges

Grand Commissioner of Appeal - 3 Years

SK Roy McEwen

Appointed Grand Officers:

Grand Prelate

SK Don Myers

Grand Marshal

HL Ruetilla Ford

Grand Marshal in the East

HL Mary Jo Porter

Grand Marsal in the West

HL Maria Gillespie

Grand Lecturer

HL Martha Reid

Grand Standard Bearer

HL Alice Tinsley

Grand Historian

HL Margaret Bristow

Grand Fraternal Correspondent

HL Vernie Elliott

Grand Truth

HL Aubrey Righetti

Grand Faith

HL Christie Blanton

Grand Wisdom

HL Louise Kelley

Grand Charity

HL Mildred Hensley

Grand Muscician

HL Elizabeth Jenkins

Grand Warder

SK George Mabry

Grand Sentinal

SK Phillip Hawkins

Grand Page

HL Kris Johnson

Grand Crown Bearer

HL Margaret Bristow

Grand Sword Bearer

Assistant Grand Lecturer

SK John Wilcox

HL Johanna Swank